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4 Different ways to style a women Crop Top

Fashion, an ever-evolving art of expression with ever-evolving trends, in the 1940s saw the introduction of a new type of tops that were relatively shorter in length, reaching just above the navel, allowing women to flaunt just a hint of their midriff, called crop tops. These chic pieces of clothing started to gain prominence, quickly became closet staples and still, to this day have, have not ceased to be among women’s go-tos.

Crop tops are exceptionally comfortable and available in the widest varieties, in various lengths, fabrics, prints and smart designs. Be it a cropped button-down, cropped turtleneck or a simple cropped tee, each of them can be styled in a million different ways to appropriately suit your mood, personality as well as occasion, easily making them one of the most versatile pieces you will ever own. However, we understand that when the possibilities of glam outfits are endless, things are bound to get a bit confusing.

So, have a look at four different ways to style a Women Crop Top for four different occasions:

  • Dungarees- Just like crop tops, dungarees, too, because of their playful, casual vibe, have been around for decades on end. So, what could be better than combining both these timeless pieces of clothing, right? A Women Crop Top goes spectacularly well with denim dungarees, and this combination is just what you need to win hearts at any informal, fun gathering like a college party or a cafe day out with friends. Put on your favourite denim overalls or a dungaree dress over a bright coloured crop top of your choice. Throw on some converse shoes or a pair of chunky black boots, light makeup, hoop earring and off you go! 
  • The B&W look- This classic colour combination that we can never get enough of is perfect for formal occasions as well as for a polished and sophisticated model-off-duty look. For a quick and easy back to work or meeting attire, a white round neck buttoned crop top, high waisted pencil skirt, black block heels, and to finish the look, studs and a watch as accessories. As for the latter, black high rise skinny jeans, a printed white Women Crop Top, and a black jacket for some depth and layering will do the trick. 
  • Boho look- Who does not like an artsy and vibrant boho outfit? Here’s an out of the box look that will surely mesmerise everyone: Wear an off-shoulder, dark coloured crop top with a light printed long skirt with a single side slit. A few bracelets to adorn your wrists, ear cuffs and a long beaded neckpiece to complete the look stunningly. 
  • Go Traditional- Another great thing about Women Crop Top is that in addition to making excellent western outfits, they make just as stylish, tasteful and elegant traditional elements. Cannot decide what to wear to a pooja or a wedding function? Here’s what you can do: Pair an embroidered spaghetti-strapped crop top with matching silk palazzo pants. Add a sheer shrug to the mix and to tie it all together, go for gold strappy sandals, statement drop earrings and a red lip moment. Striking and classy all in one ensemble!

Now all that’s left for you to do is note down these looks, raid Myntras crop top section to stock up on the best Women Crop Top before they run out of stock and live your best glamorous life!

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