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5 rules for choosing the perfect t-shirt

The t-shirt is the basic garment par excellence. White, gray, black, we should have it in practically all colors. But even though it is such a simple garment, the choice of the perfect short sleeve t-shirt is not at all obvious. Here are the 5 commandments to always keep in mind to make sure you have really found the right t-shirt.

1 # The neckline

First essential element to look at in a t-shirt: its collar. It is often a matter of taste, of trends but also of morphology. Those with generous breasts will opt for a V-neck vintage t shirts, more flattering for the shapes. Those with small breasts can focus on the femininity of the crew neck, which softens even the most androgynous lines.

2 # The length

If the cropped cut is currently in fashion, we must learn to dissociate trends from evergreens. Basically, the perfect shirt should have a cut that fits your body. The most versatile one is hip- length; shorter, it is perfect for those with a flat stomach and not exactly gazelle-like legs, because it optically lengthens the figure. Be careful not to wear shirts that are too long for your height: you risk looking even shorter.

3 # The sleeves

The most flattering sleeve length is three-quarter length, very feminine. This model hides the imperfections and is always elegant. Short sleeve t-shirts look best on those with thin arms. Do you have thick arms? Don’t try to hide them: on the contrary, dare the tank top! As for the long sleeves, they make the silhouette very masculine: better to use them sparingly.

4 # The size

Choosing the perfect T-shirt size depends not only on body morphology, but also on style. Usually, a shirt is worn tight but not too tight, to avoid annoying contact with underwear. Today’s fashion tends to prefer oversized cuts, which adapt to all physiques. Are you curvy? Do not hide behind loose clothing and prefer a well-cut and rather fit t-shirt.

5 # The color and the material

In every self-respecting wardrobe there must be a white shirt and a black shirt. To these two basic t-shirts, we recommend adding a third neutral color: blue, khaki, beige, gray, in short, a shade suitable for everyday life. As for the material, cotton always remains the reference fabric of the perfect t-shirt.

A plain T-Shirt, with a message or a pattern?

A plain, light-colored vintage t shirts tends to attract attention, so perfect if you want to lengthen your figure, while drawing the eye upwards.

To avoid staining, however, be sure to structure it, with a piece of jewelry or a jacket worn open, which will visually lengthen your body.

Messages and patterns also attract attention, but emphasize your flaws, so be careful with the choice.

On the chest, the messages tend to give a lot of volume, so it’s up to you to see if you want to visually increase or decrease your breasts. Prefer more attenuated, asymmetrical or placed patterns to draw attention to your shoulders for example.

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