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Advantages of wearing platform sandals: why you should opt for them?

If we talk about the advantages of platform sandals, first of all, we should note their comfort. It is the need for comfortable shoes that makes women buy platforms and women’s flat sandals that will be useful both for business women for work in the office and for a fashionista on vacation.

Legs in women’s flat sandals will not get tired, not only after a long walk on the summer sidewalk melted from the heat, but also after long walks in the forest, if the girl goes to nature in them.

A thick sole, especially a tractor sole, will reliably protect the foot from uneven surfaces, and therefore from injury, which cannot be said about an elegant but uncomfortable stiletto heel or sandals with a thin flat sole, in which the foot will feel every pebble when walking.

The second argument in favour of sandals for women is their aesthetic, attractive and stylish look. In such shoes, which are a worthy alternative to the stiletto heels, the girl will definitely feel more confident, since they correspond to fashion trends.

Even celebrities regularly appear in platform shoes on the carpet and look great while doing so! If you want your summer shoes to combine the two most important factors for a modern girl – comfort and style, then platform sandals are definitely your option!

What is the difference between a platform and a wedge?

Many girls think that platform and wedge heel are the same thing. Indeed, there is a lot in common between them, but there are signs, focusing on which these models can never be confused. The platform is a flat, wide sole, with no rise. It does not taper towards the toe, excludes oval and pointed shoe toes.

Socks are usually round, square or rectangular, which gives the sandals a somewhat rough look. The platform is used mainly in sports and youth areas, for drawing up bright charismatic images, wedges are appropriate in all styles.

What is a wedge heel?

It is a type of sole that combines a heel and a platform. A characteristic feature of the wedge heel is the shape, thickened in the heel and narrowed to the toe.

The instep makes the shoe look sleeker than the platform. In terms of style, the platform and wedge heel are good each in their own way, but they are united by the fact that both models belong to superior comfort shoes.

Types of platform sandals

There are certain stylistic rules, following which you will never find yourself in an awkward position and will always look great, in accordance with fashion trends and good manners.

The maximum open models will be a real salvation for your feet on a hot summer day. Since the platform is a massive element, the shoe should have a retainer that will hold the sandals on the foot.

This function is most often performed by thin straps. A chunky sole and graceful straps create a striking contrast, drawing attention to slender female legs. Such sandals for women are unlikely to be appropriate in the office, but on a date, party or other informal event.

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