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Gym Workout Clothes Wholesale: What Are The Best-Selling Types In USA And EU?

If you just start to sell gym workout clothing and are looking for the best types or styles to wholesale, this post is the answer. As a clothing industry expert, I give you some important tips and suggestions. No matter your target market is in USA or in Europe, you can wholesale the high-quality gym workout clothes from here.

2021 Trends of Gym Workout Clothes

The Rise of “Athleisure”

The distinction between traditional gym clothing and casual wear is becoming less noticeable, especially given the context of the current pandemic. The gym apparel industry is offering more options that will allow wearers to easily transition between leisure and exercise. Some in the industry have dubbed this trend “Athleisure,” which now includes yoga pants, jogger pants, tank tops, sports bras, hoodies.

The Growth of Yoga Wear

Fashion searches for yoga clothing grew in 2020, and sales of yoga-related products at Berunwear have risen 42%. Gym workout clothes customers are opting for more color in their yoga products as well. People are beginning to ditch traditional grey yoga clothing for pastel colors such as baby pink, light blue, and beige. Demand for pastel colors has extended beyond yoga clothing and into the larger athletic apparel industry as traditional black, and white colors are being dumped.

Sustainable Fabrics in Apparel

Customers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, demanding more transparency about how their clothing was produced and the sustainable clothing trends are following. Some clothing apparel websites allow users to sort through products by their preferred sustainability credentials.

More gym workout wear companies are using products such as recycled polyester and low-impact, non-toxic dyes.

Back to the 90’s

Think neon prints, oversized logos, and cropped tops. The 90’s is back and it’s bright, fun, and feisty. Both men and women can easily sport this trend – try adding an oversized sweater or classic trainers to give your look a 90’s edge. Mix and match with more muted pieces or go full-on with sets that take you to a place of colorful, artistic style.

Another re-emerging 90s product is the color-blocked windbreaker jacket. Many companies such as Columbia are starting to offer windbreakers that pay homage to the 90s. Additionally, hoodies sporting large logos and flashy track jackets have regained popularity.

One-Piece Clothing Popularity Rising

One-piece workout clothing such as bodysuits, leotards, and catsuits experienced an 83% percent increase this past year. More women are replacing leggings with head-to-toe spandex outfits.

Tie-Dye Printing

Tie-dye has been everywhere this past few months, and you can expect it to be an activewear trend that will continue through to 2021. Invest in tank tops, tees, and hoodies for a fashion-forward yet laid-back look. Better yet, try out a DIY tie-dye kit at home on some old shirts, hoodies, or shorts – it will be uniquely you and fun as well.

Seamless is still Trendy

Seamless clothing is extremely comfortable and breathable, fusing style with functionality. Seamless gym wear and workout clothes are most frequently associated with leggings and with knitted activewear, and because of its comfort factor, it’s one of the biggest activewear trends. Additionally, seamless tends to fit extremely well without any pinching, fussy lining, or annoying seams to scratch or bother during activity.

Earth Tones

Want to wear more muted shades? 2021 workout clothing trends include demure olive tones, sandy shades, and slate grey. With a range of color options for every unique taste, this trend really has something for everyone. These tones tend to be flattering for many skin tones and easy to mix and match.

Personalized Gym Workout Wear

The new obstacles are, in some ways, the same old obstacles: standing out from the crowd and gaining market share, capitalization needs, and customer service. Personalized merchandise is no longer limited to celebrities, influencers, and icons. If you have the skills and the desire, you can build a product line and have an e-commerce store in less than 30 days…with personalized gym workout clothing showcasing your designs.

The Best-Selling Types and Styles of Gym&Workout Wear

Sports Bras

There are more trendy longline bras too. Longline bras offer more coverage than your typical sports bra. Although the chest coverage can vary from a high neckline to a deep plunge, the coverage below the breast in a longline bra extends further down the ribcage than the usual sports bra. They come in a wide range of variations: padded and non-padded; racerback; low impact, medium impact, and high impact; compression; seamless; with underwire and without; encapsulation and crisscrossed back styling.

For women seeking gym wear or workout clothes that are more modest, the longline sports bra supplies just that…modesty. Worn with high-waisted leggings or joggers, the combination makes a fashion statement at the same time it provides activewear for home, studio, gym, or street workouts. It also provides more support and a peekaboo of skin, making it an attractive must-have gear for gym or fitness in 2021.

Seamless Tank

A breathable muscle shirt made from four-way-stretch fabric fits closely without feeling restrictive. Go for something seamless so your customer can avoid itchy distractions and focus on his or her flow.

Mesh T-Shirt

When your customer is turning up the intensity, he or she will want a T-shirt that keeps you cool. Stretchy, antimicrobial mesh dries quickly and resists odors, so you feel fresh and comfortable throughout.

Sporty Coats

Pre-Covid, we might have worn a tailored coat to the gym, but now you would better invest in activewear for the outdoors such as puffer coats, shearling hoodies, and raincoats to go with her new laidback lifestyle.


One of the boldest silhouette trends of the moment? Workout jumpsuits, from ballet-inspired unitards to color-block onesies. The clothing is widely-popular in 2021.

Matching Set

Your customers will absolutely love head-to-toe looks in both active and sweats and feel strongly about this trend continuing. A failsafe formula for put-together outfits from workout classes to errands, look to unexpected hues, color-blocking, and ribbed fabrics to freshen up your assortment.

Biker Shorts

Biker short fans, rejoice — the bottom is going strong for 2021. If you’re still hesitant to try the silhouette, a classic black pair is a perfect foray. For die-hards, liven up your assortment with a pastel, printed, or metallic pair.

Running Tights


In 2021, the more popular leggings are high-waisted leggings and ultra-high-waisted leggings.

High-waisted leggings have checked the box on activewear fashion for a while now. They provide core support and tummy control. But for some women, that’s not enough. They want leggings with even more coverage. These women may be comfortable with a hint of skin showing, but they’re not interested in showing much more than that. They want leggings with a bit of modesty.

Ultra-high waisted leggings paired with a longline bra or a cropped top still give off that trendy activewear vibe, without showing too much. Women feel more comfortable wearing them in public after leaving the gym or their studio fitness class. And because women are pressed for time, outfits that do double duty will be at the top of their list.

This style of leggings is also easier to pair with street clothes. Throw on a jean jacket or puffer vest for an uptown look. Add boots and a hat, and you’re ready to go. During the winter, you can include gloves and a scarf, and all of a sudden, you’ll look very put together.

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