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Men’s Wedding Attire: A Comprehensive Guide for the Big Day

The fact that there are less restrictions about how to dress for such an occasion is both a blessing and a problem. A benefit in that rules can be tedious, but a curse in that they can also assist you in navigating a potentially dangerous sartorial minefield. Fortunately, there is one universal fact that applies to people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, regardless of the occasion: while great tailoring always flatters, fashion does not always. Weddings are a wonderful chance to update your look, especially if suits aren’t a staple in your collection. Even if you wear suits on a daily basis, weddings provide you the opportunity to experiment with formal wedding attire colors and accessories. Weddings, on the other hand, might be challenging. If the rules are broken, you’ll have to follow them.

If you’re the groom (or designing the groom’s appearance), you’ll want a wedding attire that men will adore for generations when they see your wedding images. Pressure is what you’re experiencing. Fortunately, you’re behind the wheel. A dress code, wedding theme, venue, or time may all influence the wedding outfit atmosphere. It’s normal to expect that as a wedding guest, you’ll be tagged on social media before the last dance at the reception. With the wedding facts you know now, you can figure out what to dress to a wedding and save yourself hours of tediously untagging photos afterwards.

Dressing for a Wedding based on the Dress Code

To set wedding costume standards, many couples adopt a dress code for wedding guests (on the invitation). While some are obvious, wedding dress code alternatives leave a lot to personal preference. Put your polo on the shelf—we’ll explain what each wedding dress code implies for men’s wedding wear.


What It Means: This is a formal and specific occasion, therefore follow the guidelines: black bow tie, black tuxedo, white tux shirt. Bright colors and neckties are more daring, but there are various ways to stand out. For a modern style, wear a tux shirt with a fold-down collar and accessorize with subtle details like a pocket square, suspenders, or button studs. en’s black tie wedding clothing is all about subtle customization.


What It Means: Imagine you’re wearing business casual to work, but you’re heading out for drinks (get it?) and can’t stop home to change. Cocktail clothing is a versatile outfit that covers all bases, and a medium dark suit is typically the best choice. A bolder necktie, a quirky pocket square, or some killer shoes may give this suit a bit more individuality than your typical 9 to 5 appearance. For the uninformed, seeing the term “casual” on an invitation might be perplexing, but most adult humans know better than to show up to a wedding in shorts or jeans. Dress pants and a blazer are required for men’s casual wedding wear, but a suit with a tie is preferred. Because weddings are such a huge occasion, a “casual” style should work well in a relaxed setting while yet recognizing the event’s importance.

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