The Empress Of Dress

Trendy clothing- An appreciation of beauty and style.


In the era of modernization, being trendy is everyone’s need. Changing with time is what we have learned from our ancestors. Even from science, we have learned the human adaptation to his surrounding. The race is going on everywhere around us. If you are in any occupation, people are going to check your lifestyle and way of dressing. You are required to be smart, as your fellows or employees will look at you. And if you are between your family members, your siblings and juniors will check out at you. They will admire your attire for sure. These all the things help to gain more respect either in society or in our premises. The one who always walks with the trend is always being looked at with focus. Along with your duty and behavior, fashion acts as the next major thing which efficiently defines you. Clothes have played a vital role in our life’s journey.

Different life stages can be correlated with their respective dresses.

  • We wear different in schools- formal and disciplined enough. 
  • In colleges- cool and comfortable. 
  • Offices- Professionalism is reflected by wearing a sincere set of clothes. 
  • For fancy women, there are a lot of dresses to glam up their look.


Besides categorizing dresses by life stages. It can also be classified according to our daily life patterns. Like we wear-

  • some loose fitted comfortable clothes while having exercise or a walk.
  • Formal elegant dress to dine outside.
  • Traditional outfits for some festivals or ceremonies. 
  • Shorts and breezy polo at beaches. 


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