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White Bridal Shoes – Heels or Flats?

There are no rules in 2022, a bride can wear White Bridal Shoes with or without a heel. Brides of today really do have the luxury to wear whatever they desire, simplistic White Flat Shoes or sky high stiletto heels are both winning looks yet very different. Although both flat and heeled bridal shoes work, it depends on the individual bride’s style and views on a wedding that will aid the decision. Continue reading to discover the pros and cons to wearing heels and flats on your big day, this information can assist you further in making the best decision for you. Whichever bridal shoe you decide on, XY London has a huge variety of stunning bridal heels and flats to achieve the most elegant look.

Gain Extra Height in Heeled White Bridal Shoes

XY London Lane Diamante Bow Pointed Toe Court Shoes Stiletto Bridal Shoes in Ivory

When you’re a petite girl high heels are often your best friend on a night out, if this is the case why should your wedding day be any different. When the groom is very tall in comparison to the bride, heels will come in handy especially for that all important moment where ‘you may now kiss the bride’. Finding your dream White Bridal Shoes can be a challenge so the best thing to do, is order a few pairs to try on with your dress. Like many women say about their wedding gown, you may find the shoes you like least in the box may be a winner once paired with the dress. Just remember it’s not only how they look, but comfort is also so important.

Taller Than the Groom then wear White Flat Shoes

XY London Alessia Flat Pointed Toe Low Heel Slip on Bridal Ballerina Pump Shoes

If you’re taller than the groom wearing flat shoes, the thought of wearing high heels on your wedding day may send you into a panic. If this applies to you, do not fear as any wedding dress style can be paired with flat bridal shoes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having your White Flat Shoes in full view, luckily for brides in 2022 flat wedding shoes are becoming more and more popular. Not to worry if you want to keep your flats a secret, plenty of full length wedding dresses will completely cover them so nobody needs to know.

Can’t Walk in Heels

XY London Keva Round Toe Lace Detail Slip on Wedding Flats Ballerina Bridal Pumps In White Satin

Your wedding day is not the right time to be experimenting with high heels if they’re not usually your thing. Do not take the risk wearing killer heels on one of the most important days of your life, if you do not feel confident walking in them simply avoid. The last thing any bride wants is to be falling over walking down the aisle, plus things could get even more risky after a champagne or two. Swapping heels for White Flat Shoes is no big deal, with the stunning flat bridal shoes XY London has to offer no sacrifice of elegance has to be made. There is a huge gap in the market for flat bridal shoes but shop at the right place, and you will find a ton of stunning flats that are on par with many high heels.

Meet in The Middle

XY London Billie-May Chunky Strappy Mid Block High Heels in Court Shoes in white

Meeting in the middle by going for a pair of mid heels may be a great solution. There are many reasons women may need to steer clear of sky high heels, whether it’s due to an injury, fear of falling or for comfort reasons, mid heels could be you’re answer. Mid heels will provide a lot more stability than any style of high heels, especially if you choose a block heel or a wedge. To create the dreamiest feminine bridal look, style a pair of mid block heel court shoes with a white lace fishtail dress. This simplistic look will never fail to blow away the wedding guests, major Santorini vibes right here.

Practical Measures

XY London Rochelle Flat Crystal Diamante Ballerina Pump Wedding Ballet Bridal Shoes in White Satin

Speaking strictly practicality, without a doubt flat bridal pumps are the way to go if you’re the sensible kind. Flat pumps are the comfiest bridal shoes on the market, although wearing them in around the house is still a must to prevent rubbing.  White Bridal Shoes in the form of ballerina pumps give off serious Cinderella vibes, and she was the queen of elegance and femininity. Choose a pair with a diamante brooch if you like something that’s a bit different from the rest. In this day and age there are so many different flat bridals to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

To Conclude

The main priority on your wedding day may be to look your best, but if you don’t feel your best because you’re in pain from your shoes this will show. In this day and age anything goes so if you want to wear flats go for it, there are so many stunning bridal flats that are just as elegant and dainty as high heels. If you’re out most weekends dancing with your girls in stilettos, then it’s probably safe to say that you’re confident enough to walk in Bridal Heels down the aisle in front of an audience. Do whatever is right for you and don’t let anyone else influence your decision, whether that be your mum, mother-in-law or best friend.

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