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Why Choose Eyebrow Lamination in Austin?

You have looked at the eyebrow lamination Austin providers and heard about microblading and deciding what is best for you. Here at Parlor Beauty Bar, we will help you understand the differences to make the right decision for yourself.

Microblading Compared to Eyebrow Lamination

Microblading is a well-known treatment known as eyebrow feathering that is permanent makeup. The procedure involves using a micro needle-shaped blade to implant a semi-permanent color into the skin, creating a perfect eyebrow. The result is a natural hair stroke for a semi-permanent fuller eyebrow.

As with eyebrow lamination, the microblading technique has benefits even if you already have naturally full eyebrows. However, it is very beneficial if you suffer from a hair loss like alopecia. You can get a realistic look to help perfect the brows lasting up to 18 months.

Furthermore, the lifespan depends on your aftercare and environmental factors, sun exposure, and more. Neither do you need to fill in your brows to make them look good as you get up with perfectly shaped eyebrows?

Ten days after your microblading procedure, you can resume any normal activities, as it does not smudge or smear. However, the aftercare for microblading is complex:

·   For the first day after treatment, keep that area dry by blotting it clean with a tissue until you notice the oozing stopping to prevent scabbing.

·   From two to ten days, the eyebrows need to be cleaned with water in the morning and night using a Cetaphil cleanser.

·   Then three to ten days, the area also needs to be moisturized with an aftercare ointment.

Brow Lamination Process

Eyebrow lamination is like having a perm as two to three applications are applied to structure the hair. The solutions help give your eyebrows a uniformed shape but are not like typical curls, but the brow hairs remain in a brushed-up look. The brushed-up look can last up to eight weeks.

Furthermore, the treatment is excellent if you want your brows to appear fuller for a short time or do not want to commit to a new eyebrow look. You also get a natural end result look to make your brows look fuller and fluffier.

The treatment is needle-free and not an invasive procedure and lasts up to eight weeks depending on your aftercare:

·   Avoid heat, sleep directly on your brows, and do hard workouts for 24 hours after the treatment.

·   Following the treatment, after 48 hours, you can apply castor oil to keep the brows hydrated daily.

·   When done showering, you can use a mascara wand to brush the brows and set them in place.

Which Eyebrow Treatment is For You

While both the treatments have similar results, the procedures are two completely different treatments. Microblading leaves you with an invasive yet permanent eyebrow transformation lasting up to two years.

But suppose you are not into the needle thing with scabs forming. In that case, selecting an eyebrow lamination Austin provider is what you need. It temporarily lasts up to eight weeks and is an affordable solution to make your brows look great.

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