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Winter Wardrobe Essentials 


With the cold days drawing in, it’s time to put your winter wardrobe together. Contrary to popular opinion, your winter outfits can look as good as your summer outfits, even when layering pieces together. If you’re struggling to put your winter wardrobe together, then this article is for you. 

As trends are always changing, having the below essentials will keep you covered so you can put together some staple winter outfits. I will be going through my winter wardrobe essentials to help you put together the perfect wardrobe that will keep you warm and in style this winter. 

Leather blazer

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The first piece that you need to add to your wardrobe is a leather blazer. Many people are under the misconception that coats and jackets instantly ruin an outfit they’ve put together, but a leather blazer can help elevate your look. Not only are they smart and go with just about everything, but you can also acquire fairly thick blazers to keep you warm. 

If you’re going for a more casual look, pair your leather blazer with jeans and a basic t-shirt or knitted top. However, if you wanted to take it up a notch, pair your blazer with a skirt, a nice top and a pair of heeled boots. 

Fleece tights 

Fleece tights are a great layering piece for winter. They give the effect of normal tights, but they are fleece lined making them great for keeping your legs warm. Owning a pair of fleece tights will allow you to wear nice skirts and dresses whilst avoiding the cold.

You can pair them with a nice pair of winter boots to keep the look casual or slip on some leather loafers to make your outfit smarter. 

Custom hoodie

Hoodies are essential to keep anyone warm during the winter, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wear an old hoodie that you just wear to lounge around the house. Instead, look at filling your wardrobe with personalised embroidered hoodies to add your own stamp to your clothing. 

This will instantly enhance your outfit as it will be unique and special to you. It will also separate your loungewear from your nicer hoodies that you are happy to wear out of the house.

Winter boots

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Investing in clothing that will keep you warm is great, but you also need to invest in footwear that will protect your feet from the weather and keep them warm. Boots are a great way to do this, I’d suggest investing in a pair of thick leather boots that go just above the ankle to protect your feet against the rain and snow so you don’t get them wet. 

For the days when it is cold outside but it is dry, I’d suggest going for fur-lined suede boots such as Ugg boots. These will help to keep your feet warm and they won’t get ruined by the weather. They are also great if you are going for a more casual look but you still want to look nice. 

Knitted tops

Last but not least, fill your wardrobe with long and short-sleeve knitted tops to help you stay warm. Not only will these go with any outfit but they are also a great layering piece. You’ll need to get the standard colours; black, white and nude and then you can invest in some tops that are more colourful and tailored towards your style. 

Knitted tops are also great if you are building a capsule wardrobe as they won’t go out of style and they go with jeans, skirts and shorts. 

Time to put your winter wardrobe together 

Now that I have shared my winter wardrobe essentials, it’s time for you to put your wardrobe together. Not only will these essential pieces have you covered for any type of weather, but they will also keep you on-trend this winter. 

Don’t forget that layering pieces will be your best friend this winter, they will help you to stay warm but when layered the right way they can also enhance your outfit. 

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