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Your Pets Deserve These Holiday Gift Sets

Your fur buddy deserves to feel special on all the holidays. So whether you want to bring your pet a little more joy with a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter, these short and sweet sets of presents ideas are sure to make your pooch excited.

Whether you’re thinking of dogs or cats, we’ve got an option for them both! There’s nothing better than giving back and making someone else happy.

  1. A matching outfit

If you’re looking for something, no one else has, find a matching outfit in green and brown plaid. This adorable little set will have your pet feeling all dressed up in no time!

  1. A little toy

They say there’s always room for a little toy, and this is the perfect time for it. The pet basket comes with a squeaking pheasant and a little bird, the perfect size to be thrown around at playdates.

Cats also love to play with toys, and this little tiger toy won’t disappoint. It’ll have your kitty playing with it nonstop and keeping the fun going all day.

  1. A holiday ribbon

Wrap it up in a bow, and you can’t go wrong with this gift set. There’s a gift box of chocolates, a pool of popcorn that you’ll have fun popping at home, and a little snowman to keep your pet occupied for hours.

Iamyoubox has several boxes of chocolate assortments, specially curated for dogs, with a different assortment for each season. For example, on one side is the Christmas box with various flavors, and on the other side is the Easter box with chocolate-dipped eggs and bunnies.

  1. A squeaky toy

Two squeaky eggs, three squeaky bunny rabbits, and a little lamb toy are sure to bring your pet joy. The toys are soft enough for you to throw around the house without worrying about ruining your carpet or furniture.

  1. A gift wrap bow

This is the perfect way to make your pet feel extra special by putting a bow on top of the treats and toys. The bow has a ribbon running through it, so you can add a little charm or clip to it for that extra personal touch.

  1. Frisbee

No matter how you say it, frisbees are fun for dogs and cats alike. The frisbee is a great way to bring some new excitement into their lives and a way to bond with your pet. Your picnic will be a lot more fun with a little frisbee around.

  1. Leashes

If your pet is getting to be a little too comfortable on the couch, there’s no better surprise gift to give than a new leash. Walking your pets outside will let them explore new places and have a little fun on the way.

Whether it’s a Persian cat or a big hound dog, you can find a leash to match their size and personality.

  1. A little friend

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to make your pet feel special, it just isn’t enough. There’s something about giving your pet a little friend that’s just so great.

Cats and dogs both love to be around other pets, and it’ll give them a reason to put on a party dress or play in the snow.


Whether you want to bring your pet a little more joy with a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter, these short and sweet sets of presents are sure to make your pets giddy.

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